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Episode 34 – Safety and Funding

Topics: Safety, Funding

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Episode 33 – Safety: A Brief Disposition

Topics: Safety: A Brief Disposition

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Episode 31 – Toyota Recall and Safety

Topics: Toyota Recall, Safety, Politics

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NHTSA Announces Preliminary 2008 Fatality Analysis

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA – pronounced nit’ suh) announced the preliminary 2008 statistics for Fatal Crashes in the United States (report, pdf). According to projections, traffic fatalities fell to 37,313, down from 41,059 in 2007. That is … Continue reading

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I-75 HOV Exit Problem

You may recall from March 2007 the Bluffton University baseball team bus that mistakenly exited the interstate in Atlanta on a left-hand ramp, failed to recognize the stop condition at the top of the ramp and crashed through the barrier … Continue reading

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Episode 24 – National Traffic Signal Report Card

Topics: National Traffic Signal Report Card, 2007 Fataliity Rates, ITE Annual Meeting

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Episode 23 – Autonomous Vehicles

Topics: Autonomous Vehicles

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Traffic Tidbits: 24 April 2008

It’s been a while since my last tidbits post. Let’s try to make this a good one! Laser walls!: Laser walls for visual cueing of the car/pedestrian interface and trying to make it safer for pedestrians in urban areas. It’s … Continue reading

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Episode 20 – The Aging Population

Topics: The Aging Population, Designing for the Elderly Driver and Pedestrian

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Episode 17 – Red Light Enforcement, Red Light Running, Clearance Intervals

Topics: Red Light Enforcement, Red Light Running, Clearance Intervals

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