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Episode 36 – HAWK Pedestrian Beacons

Topics: HAWK Pedestrian Beacons

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Episode 35 – New Drivers Experiences

Topics: New Drivers, Interview

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Episode 34 – Safety and Funding

Topics: Safety, Funding

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Episode 33 – Safety: A Brief Disposition

Topics: Safety: A Brief Disposition

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Episode 32.5 – Metacast

Topics: Metacast – What’s going on in Talking Traffic land.

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Episode 32 – Diverging Diamond Interchanges

6/18/2012 Update: Welcome new visitors. Be sure to check out some diverging diamond updates over at my personal blog: The Evil Eyebrow Topics: Diverging Diamond Interchanges

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Episode 31 – Toyota Recall and Safety

Topics: Toyota Recall, Safety, Politics

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Episode 30 – LEDs, Newspapers, Funding

Topics: LEDs, Newspapers, Funding

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Episode 29.5 – Metacast

Topics: Metacast, Where we’re going?

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Episode 29 – Fatality Statistics, Bikes & Pedestrians, Speed Humps

Topics: NHTSA Fatality Statistics 2008, Speed Humps, Bicycles and Pedestrians in the Motorized Environment

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