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Beware of those Pot Holes

A sinkhole in Milwaukee, WI, ate an SUV and a traffic signal pole.

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Speed Humps

Christian Yarnell of the Columbia School of Journalism had a conversation with me last month about speed humps. Here is his final article. It’s well worth the read. He manages to summarize pretty much the entire situation around these traffic … Continue reading

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Do It Yourself Stimulus

A set of business owners on Kauai island in Hawaii have put together their own transportation stimulus and fixed a bridge that needed fixing: So Slack, other business owners and residents made the decision not to sit on their hands … Continue reading

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April 9, 1865

Image credit to Southbound_07 Today is the anniversary of Robert E. Lee’s surrender to Union forces at Appomattox. This is a significant date in US history and it also marks a reflection point on the history of transportation. The American … Continue reading

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I-75 HOV Exit Problem

You may recall from March 2007 the Bluffton University baseball team bus that mistakenly exited the interstate in Atlanta on a left-hand ramp, failed to recognize the stop condition at the top of the ramp and crashed through the barrier … Continue reading

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Ramp Meters

Alluding to yesterday’s post concerning the inaccuracies in an Atlanta Journal Constitution article about Ramp Meters, I have an anecdote: My wife and I go to plays at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta every few months. In order to get there … Continue reading

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Why Talking Traffic?

Why do I do this Talking Traffic website, with its podcast and tidbits? Because of this: From the Atlanta Journal Constitution: Ramp meters are traffic lights that are intended to control the number of vehicles entering and exiting the highway. … Continue reading

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Traffic Tidbits: 5 May 2008

Housing & Transportation Costs in your Neighborhood: If you live in a metropolitan area, it’s possible that your town is on this survey of transportation & housing costs by median income. Check it out. A Blow for Gender Equality: Sweden … Continue reading

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Traffic Tidbits: 22 January 2008

Rail Riders in Connecticut: A blog posting concerining the recent release of a commuter rail evaluation in CT. It discusses what is going well, and what can be improved on. “US Transportation in 2015”: A gaze into the crystal ball … Continue reading

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Traffic Tidbits: 4 January 2008

Presidential Candidates and Transit: How do the Democratic and Republican candidates stack up on the Transportation issue? Live from the Third Rail has the lowdown. New Rules for Lithium Batteries on Airplanes: Passengers beware. There are now restrictions on lithium-ion … Continue reading

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