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Better Titled "Hemingway's Takes on Classic Bar Jokes"

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Xkcd to the Rescue

Randall Munroe is the man.

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Talking Traffic Wordle

Lest you think I’m doing nothing with Talking Traffic here is a wordle comprising every word from every episode. I compiled all the episodes into one document recently and just now thought, “I wonder what the wordle looks like?”

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Oddball Traffic Signal

Through a set of odd circumstances, I became aware of Smackover, Arkansas, the location of the self-proclaimed “…only center of the road traffic light in the state of Arkansas….” If you go to the google maps link above and click … Continue reading

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Parking Meters Out to Get You

An amusing headline from Washington: Parking Meters Out to Destroy the Human Race

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Stop Signs By Committee

If stop signs had been designed by committee, this is probably what you would get.

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Fail Blog & Signage

Fail Blog is a compilation of user-submitted images and videos with the colloquial title of “Fail”. If you don’t know what that means, I suggest perusing the latest postings and it will become obvious. Signage is often a topic. This … Continue reading

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Traffic Tidbits: 24 April 2008

It’s been a while since my last tidbits post. Let’s try to make this a good one! Laser walls!: Laser walls for visual cueing of the car/pedestrian interface and trying to make it safer for pedestrians in urban areas. It’s … Continue reading

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Episode 10 – Another Grab-bag of Topics, Celebrating X Episodes

Topics: Grab Bag: Speed Measuring Units, Foreign Coins, Interstate Myths, Random Statistics, Traffic Calming

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Singing Roads

I’ve been advocating for years that we cut rumble strips into our roadways that play songs! It would be simple to space out the grooves in order to generate simple melodies. The Japanese have beat me to it. I still … Continue reading

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