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A Lesson I’ve Learned Several Times

When you’re working on a highway design project, you receive information from multiple sources, throughout the life of the project. It’s important to verify the information you receive so that you are not subject to GIGO1. An example of this … Continue reading

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Episode 16 – Project Development Process

Topics: Project Development Process

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Episode 15 – Professional Engineers

Topics: Professional Engineers

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Traffic Tidbits: 30 January 2008

Member of the Surface Transportation Revenue and Study Commission Speaks Out: Paul Weyrich, a member of the Surface Transportation Revenue and Study Commission, objects to the media coverage of the commission’s recent report (see Traffic Tidbits of 22 Jan 08). … Continue reading

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Traffic Tidbits: 21 January 2008

Too Much Congestion? Eliminate Half the Vehicles!: An odd/even system of vehicle restriction is being looked at as an option to reduce the congestion of Bangalore. Mine’s Better!: I think my diagram of a Gusset plate is better. But at … Continue reading

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Traffic Tidbits: 4 January 2008

Presidential Candidates and Transit: How do the Democratic and Republican candidates stack up on the Transportation issue? Live from the Third Rail has the lowdown. New Rules for Lithium Batteries on Airplanes: Passengers beware. There are now restrictions on lithium-ion … Continue reading

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Singing Roads

I’ve been advocating for years that we cut rumble strips into our roadways that play songs! It would be simple to space out the grooves in order to generate simple melodies. The Japanese have beat me to it. I still … Continue reading

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Traffic Tidbits: 8 August 2007

New Roundabouts in Detroit: Many intersections are being replaced by roundabouts in the Detroit, MI, area. Innovative Traffic Calming:  This man used cardboard likenesses of his children to slow vehicles through his neighborhood [video]. British Airports Are Having Long Lines, … Continue reading

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