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Podfade? Technically, Yes, but Actually NO

Hello all. Here’s a list of what’s coming soon. The delightful news is that I have a lot of this in the can, and I just need to edit it down and get it up on the podcast. Episode 41 … Continue reading

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Microblogging! Follow me on Twitter

I have found that the majority of the items I want to put up on the blog here, rather than the podcast, end up being eminently Twitterable. Thusly, I’ve decided that Talking Traffic needs a twitter feed! This serves the … Continue reading

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Twitter Question?

I’m going to ask this question in the next podcast also: “Would you, the reader/listener, find a twitter feed dedicated strictly to Talking Traffic to be useful?” I’ve found recently that there’s been a lot of items that could have … Continue reading

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The Road Goes Ever On

The Road goes ever on and on Down from the door where it began. Now far ahead the Road has gone, And I must follow, if I can, Pursuing it with eager feet, Until it joins some larger way Where … Continue reading

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Episode 32 Coming Tonight!

Look what I did on Friday: So, for your edification, I gave my presentation again, to my microphone at home. I was going to record the actual presentation, but there were technical difficulties. Look for it at Midnight!

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Talking Traffic Wordle

Lest you think I’m doing nothing with Talking Traffic here is a wordle comprising every word from every episode. I compiled all the episodes into one document recently and just now thought, “I wonder what the wordle looks like?”

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Episode 29.5 – Metacast

Topics: Metacast, Where we’re going?

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Welcome Podcastle Peeps!

Welcome to anyone who is here via Podcastle. I hope you enjoy your stay. Check out my lineup of traffic podcasts at iTunes or by doing a search here on podcast.

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A Post! (in which I suck)

Alas, Monday has come and gone. No podcast. My listeners are going to start to think I don’t care. But, I do care. Update: Episode 26 is roughed and needs to be vetted and recorded. Further Update: Ironman training is … Continue reading

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Whoa Baby! Post Coming! Hardware Issues!

Hey there everybody! Yes, I’m still podcasting. Yes, there’s more Talking Traffic coming! No, I have no good excuse. Although if you care to know the reason, it’s because of hardware envy. Through several editions of Talking Traffic, I became … Continue reading

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