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A Lesson I’ve Learned Several Times

When you’re working on a highway design project, you receive information from multiple sources, throughout the life of the project. It’s important to verify the information you receive so that you are not subject to GIGO1. An example of this … Continue reading

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A Post about Drainage – In Which I Opine with No Real Knowledge about the Legalities

Last weekend, I attended Momocon at Georgia Tech, primarily to see The Extraordinary Contraptions play.1 I went down a bit early from the start time so I could wander around that part of Midtown Atlanta and just see what could … Continue reading

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Better Titled "Hemingway's Takes on Classic Bar Jokes"

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Episode 37 – Georgia Transportation Funding

Topics: Transportation Funding

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Episode 36 – HAWK Pedestrian Beacons

Topics: HAWK Pedestrian Beacons

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I Learn my Job Every Day (Cross Post)

This is Cross Posted from the Evil Eyebrow. Please leave comments over there If you had asked me yesterday, “Bill, can you prevent pedestrians from crossing a bridge during construction?” my answer would have been “Sure.” And I would have … Continue reading

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Microblogging! Follow me on Twitter

I have found that the majority of the items I want to put up on the blog here, rather than the podcast, end up being eminently Twitterable. Thusly, I’ve decided that Talking Traffic needs a twitter feed! This serves the … Continue reading

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Twitter Question?

I’m going to ask this question in the next podcast also: “Would you, the reader/listener, find a twitter feed dedicated strictly to Talking Traffic to be useful?” I’ve found recently that there’s been a lot of items that could have … Continue reading

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Episode 35 – New Drivers Experiences

Topics: New Drivers, Interview

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Xkcd to the Rescue

Randall Munroe is the man.

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