Episode 42 – Interview with Steve Williams: Georgia Road Geek

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Hello and welcome to Talking Traffic. My name is Bill Ruhsam and I host this podcast and its sister website, Talking traffic.org. Today is Monday, February 27, 2012.

Today’s episode is an interview with Steve Williams. Steve is the man behind Georgia Road Geek .com, a website devoted to all things road geekery. He has videos and opinions and photos, and a link to his facebook page. It’s worth your time so go take a look.

This interview was recorded on September 20, 2011. We discuss Road Geeking, paper maps, High Occupancy Toll lanes, Public Private Partnerships, taxes and other things. It has been edited to remove some of rambling randomness that we discussed, although pieces of it I tagged onto the end of the podcast. I’ll alert you when the meat of the interview is over and when the rambling begins.

[interview not transcribed]

And that was our interview. You may have noticed me calling out “plug number four for the night” and wondered where two and three were? Those are contained in the edited ramble that is tacked onto the end of the podcast. If you want to hear about HAM radio, battlestar galactica and other associated geekery, keep listening after the end. If not, I hope you enjoyed this episode. Next time, we’ll have Steven Sheffield on to talk in a little more detail about High Occupancy Toll Lanes.

Oh, on a note of correction, during this interview I incorrectly stated that the Georgia I-85 HOT lane conversion was going to allow the HOV riders that had been using the lane to remain. That is incorrect. Previously you could use those lanes for free if you had two or more people in your vehicle. Now it is three or more.

If you have any questions or comments, please send an email to bill at talking traffic.org, and if you have a comment directly for Steve Williams, be sure to go to his blog and facebook page. Links will be on the show notes.

This podcast is released under a creative commons 3.0 attribution non commercial share alike license. Copy, paste, and alter to your hearts content, but don’t use this recording for commercial productions, and please give credit back to talking traffic and to Steve Williams.

The music you’ve heard has been courtesy of the background at Taco Mac, and by Five Star Fall. Five Star Fall can be found at magnatune.com. Taco Mac music can be found at taco mac. Obviously.

Until next time, have a great week.

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