Episode 35 – New Drivers Experiences

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Episode 35 – New Driver Experiences

Hello and welcome to Talking Traffic. My name is Bill Ruhsam and I host this podcast and its sister website, Talking Traffic.org. Today is Monday august 30th.

Today’s topic is on newly minted drivers and the methods that are being employed to keep them safe. But before we get into the topic I want to direct your attention to a podcast that I produced recently for the Georgia Section of the Institute of Transportation engineers. We decided that our monthly meetings have some good content and it’s a shame that our members who can’t attend or whomever, don’t get to take advantage of the presentations. So I recorded the monthly meeting, clipped out the good stuff, added some other good stuff, mixed it up in a shaker with some good music and [poof]! A new podcast is born. The topic of the last monthly meeting was ******** and presented by Katherine Moore of the Georgia Conservancy. You might want to check it out over at www.gaite.org.

With respect to other things that are going on: if all is on schedule I am even now preparing to take the world by storm at Dragon*Con in Atlanta over labor day weekend. By “take the world by storm” I really mean, not screw up too much and find some interesting people to talk to. Hopefully I’ll get some usable audio out of it, and even if I don’t, I’ll have some usable *content* and contacts. If you’re going to be there, look for me around the Podcasting and Author tracks, or just find me at the concerts and dance floor. My usual Dragon*Con sleep schedule is 4-8 AM. Don’t try and find me at 8, please.

Also, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting someone who just moved to town who listens to Talking Traffic! He walked up to me and said, “I knew your name sounded familiar,” but it wasn’t until I’d spoken for a little while that he relized that yes, I was *that* Bill Ruhsam. Famous in my own mind, AM I.

Let’s get on to today’s topic. Today I am interviewing two relatively new drivers. These two happen to be related to me, which is how I could con them into this. Ben Ryan will be a freshman at **** this coming Fall and Tommy Chapman is entering his Sophomore year at Metro Christian Academy in Tulsa Oklahoma.

******Interview******* (not transcribed)

And that’s our interview. Thanks Ben and Tommy for being such good interviewees. I plan to keep up with them to see what it feels like to grow as drivers, especially in such different parts of the country. Looking back on my own driving history, I learned to drive in NH and Massachusetts, with the “crazy mass Drivers” and including experience driving around the backwoods of the NH and Maine mountains, took that with me to upstate NY, did numerous long distance interstate drives, lived and drove for a time in The West and now live in one of the most congested urban ares in the country. I’ve covered a lot of different territory and driving styles. I wonder how Tommy and Ben will change as they get older and inevitably drive in different places. I know I’ve changed a lot.

Thanks for listening to this episode of talking traffic. If you liked what you heard, or didn’t like it, or think that we’re all a bunch of buffoons, please drop a line to Bill at talkingtraffic.org. Or you can leave a comment on the shownotes. This episode is released under a creative commons attribution non-commercial share alike license. that’s right folks, I’m changing my licensing. It’s now share alike which means you can share this episode with everyone, you can even change or modify it, however the caveat is that you must give me attribution and if you change the podcast, you have to share your work under the same license I do which means you can’t sell it. I realized it didn’t make much sense to have a No-derivatives license for what I’m doing. So Take it! Use it! Change it! Rebroadcast it! Just send me some love when you do.

The music you hear is by Five Star Fall and can be found at Magnatune.com. Additional Music is provided by The Extraordinary Contraptions and is used with their permission. They can be found at theextraordinarycontraptions.com

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