Guerrilla Traffic Calming

Poorly Placed Pedestrian Pushbutton
A protest over “‘motorway levels’ of cars and lorries on a road with no pavement for pedestrians” is taking the form of a series of people standing at a pedestrian pushbutton, continuously activating it and making a call for the pedestrian phase.

According to the Environmental Transport Agency in England, the activation of the pedestrian signal is “causing tailbacks up to four miles long in the process.”

I’m wondering what laws are being broken during this protest, if any? In Georgia, I can’t think of any specific laws that would prohibit me from continuously calling for a pedestrian signal. I’m sure there’s something in the GA Code (annotated) that would allow me to be cited, but I don’t know what it is off the top of my head. Public Nuisance?

An innovative protest using system resources against itself.

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