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Episode 28.5 – Metacast!

Hey there, and welcome to episode 28.5 of Talking Traffic, otherwise known as “the metacast”.

It’s been a month and a bit since the last podcast and all sorts of stuff has gone down, both personally and in the great wide world that serves as starter solution for Talking Traffic. First: Personal.

What’s going on with me? I unfortunately managed to be personally involved in the economic downturn. My company decided that they were going to shut down the Atlanta office so everyone has been laid off. This is more informational than anything else; I have a few irons in the fire and high hopes that things are moving forward.

What’s going on on the blog? With the sudden ability to sleep in a bit later than normal, I’ve found time to do some of the projects around the house and the home office that have been on the back burner. I hope that you’ll notice some changes here on Talking Traffic in the near future. Until then, I’m posted a few pieces on the blog with topics such as “Professional Ethics Documents“, “High Occupancy Vehicle Exit Problems”, A quick post about railroads and the American civil war, and I covered the preliminary announcement of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s report on 2008 fatal statistics. More about that in the next full episode. For any of those posts, go check out the blog site. Links are available on the show notes.

What’s going on with the Podcast? Nothing new, or at least, nothing you haven’t heard me talk about before. I’m still slowly upgrading the electro/mechanical gizmos that translate my voice to bits and bytes for you to listen to. The latest struggle is to get an acceptable recording of a skype conversation. You’ll know that’s working when you hear the first phone interview.

I’ve upgraded the blog software that carries the podcast to your ears. As a quick shout-out, thank you to Dan Kuykendall who creates and publishes the PodPress plugin for WordPress which makes this podcast possible. His latest update has fixed the crazy RSS feed mashup that you may have been seeing in your feedreader.

Oh, before I forget! When I appended The Extraordinary Contraptions’ music to my podcast in episode 27, I screwed up their MySpace URL. It is, correctly, www.myspace.com/theextraordinarycontraptions. To make up for that, I guess we’ll just have to listen to another of their songs at the end of this.

That’s it for meta topics. The next episode should come out on the heels of this. Topics will include the NHTSA 2008 Fatality statistics, a quick discussion about speed humps and emergency response, and others.

Until then, here’s The Extraordinary Contraptions song, Breathe.

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