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Parking Meters Out to Get You

An amusing headline from Washington: Parking Meters Out to Destroy the Human Race

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Georgia DOT has its Work Cut Out

As mentioned previously, I’ve been doing some research into the portion of the Transportation Stimulus that will end up in Georgia. I’ve come up with some numbers that leads me to believe that the Georgia Department of Transportation contract office … Continue reading

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Education about Law, Codes and Time

I’m putting out an episode next week about the transportation stimulus. In preparation, I looked up the text of the stimulus1 in order to determine how much of the $26.725 billion will be ending up in Georgia: …50 percent of … Continue reading

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They're Using That Term Again

A story from Pennsylvania is misusing their words. This is a typical misuse, though, and everyone (sort of) knows what they mean: Gettysburg’s new synchronized system of traffic signals has caught more than just commuters by surprise. I discussed the … Continue reading

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