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Stop Signs By Committee

If stop signs had been designed by committee, this is probably what you would get.

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Fail Blog & Signage

Fail Blog is a compilation of user-submitted images and videos with the colloquial title of “Fail”. If you don’t know what that means, I suggest perusing the latest postings and it will become obvious. Signage is often a topic. This … Continue reading

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Episode 24 – National Traffic Signal Report Card

Topics: National Traffic Signal Report Card, 2007 Fataliity Rates, ITE Annual Meeting

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Episode 23 – Autonomous Vehicles

Topics: Autonomous Vehicles

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Benefit/Cost Ratios

One of the more frustrating parts of my day job is when a project requires the calculation of a Benefit/Cost ratio. This ratio is simple in concept: add up all the financial benefits of a project including the projected reductions … Continue reading

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I-35W Anniversary

Today is the one year anniversary of the I-35W bridge collapse in Minnesota. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out the wikipedia article. Most of the relevant info is there. The Interstate bridge collapsed during evening rush … Continue reading

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