Traffic Tidbits: 28 November 2007

New Traffic Forecast Model in the Works: Bristol University is developing a new traffic forecast model. This is something that is decidedly non-trivial and depends upond good data. To quote from the article:

However, if you are using inductance loops that are close enough together, you can identify the driving patterns of individual vehicles and, with such data from the millions of vehicles on the motorway, you can build up really quite detailed models of driver behaviour.

The fundamental problem isn’t the modelling, or even the application of the model, it’s gathering enough real time data and crunching it within a useful amount of time. The first, gathering the data, is expensive and hardware intensive; the second still has some computing issues to overcome. Go Bristol, I say, because if they can make it work, my job becomes easier.

Conventional Traffic Signal Timing is So Last Century: Professor Helbing at ETH Zurich proposes a new type of compensative signal timing. The proposed system could work wonders, but only if government and drivers would buy in.

Don’t Shoot and Drive: Man is caught shooting out video detection cameras.

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