Traffic Tidbits: 15 November 2007

Navigation Devices causing Havoc: An English village is complaining that since satellite navigation devices have started identifying their main street as the “quickest route”, the traffic has been a nightmare. It’s time to do some strategic networking with the various navigation companies.

Welsch Speed Bumps: I won’t even attempt to pronouce this word. Twmpath (/tʊmpaθ/).

Why is Israeli Traffic Different? Tali Aben answers that question on her blog.

Bicyles as Second Class Citizens: Bill Bean of Take the Lane points me to the website of Bob Shanteau, who is asking why there is such an engineering bias against bicycles in this country. He rightly complains that there is little data, and less reliable research that treats on how to effectively manage a bicycle/vehicle roadway project. I talked about the historically anti-pedestrian bias in road design in my last podcast, but I think we need to talk about bicycles soon.

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