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Navigation without GPS

In the age old days of yore, when there were no satellites floating through space in earth orbit, people were forced to navigate using “maps”. Now that GPS receivers and onboard navigational computers have been linked, companies like Garmin guarantee … Continue reading

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Traffic Tidbits: 28 November 2007

New Traffic Forecast Model in the Works: Bristol University is developing a new traffic forecast model. This is something that is decidedly non-trivial and depends upond good data. To quote from the article: However, if you are using inductance loops … Continue reading

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Episode 7 – Americans With Disabilities Act

Topics: Americans with Disabilities Act: Accessible Road Design.

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Traffic Tidbits: 15 November 2007

Navigation Devices causing Havoc: An English village is complaining that since satellite navigation devices have started identifying their main street as the “quickest route”, the traffic has been a nightmare. It’s time to do some strategic networking with the various … Continue reading

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Singing Roads

I’ve been advocating for years that we cut rumble strips into our roadways that play songs! It would be simple to space out the grooves in order to generate simple melodies. The Japanese have beat me to it. I still … Continue reading

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Rising Metal Theft

There was a news article yesterday about wire theft causing a signal outage in Washington state. This comes on top of continuing news that copper piping is being stolen from construction sites (both before and after installation). Like petty theft, … Continue reading

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Test Posting

I’m testing a new blog posting software called BlogDesk. It is intended for people who wish to post to multiple blogs simultaneously. It seems to be working. Crossposted to Evil Eyebrow and Talking Traffic

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Congestion vs. Law Enforcement II

Last week I posted about a 2 hour shut down of I-75 to try and apprehend a bank robber. There is an update in the case. The guy turned himself in. The only given reason why the I-75 roadblock might … Continue reading

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Episode 6 – Pedestrian Facilities

Topics: Pedestrian Facilities: the give and take between pedestrian and vehicular design.

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Congestion vs. Law Enforcement

Yesterday in Atlanta, GA, my wife was significantly delayed on her commute home due to a traffic jam on northbound I-75. After she called me, I, being a dutiful husband, checked the traffic conditions on Georgia Navigator. I reported to … Continue reading

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