Traffic Tidbits: 20 September 2007

Traffic Congestion in India: American drivers are exceptionally tame and law-abiding compared to some of our brethren in other countries.

Transportation Alternatives Advocate for New York Non-Automobiles: Do you live or work in NYC? Do you walk or bike? Then read the Transportation Alternatives website.

Texas Transportation Institute Urban Mobility Report: The TTI Urban Mobility report for this year is out, dealing with 2005 data. Congestion is up; that’s no surprise. Time spent in traffic climbed to 4.2 billion hours in 2005, up from 4.0 billion. The full report can be found at the TTI website.

Green Vehicles in Frankfurt: I’m continually amused by the transition of the adjective “green” from “this thing is colored green” to “I’m a super-duper world-saving environmental process/vehicle/practice/industry”. Inhabit reports on green vehicles at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

I-35 Bridge Rebuilding Contract Awarded: Minnesota has awarded a contract to Flatiron Constructors Inc. to rebuild the collapsed I-35E bridge. The Price? $233.8 Million. A bargain.

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