Talking Traffic is Live!

Tonight at midnight, 0000 local time August 6, the first episode of the Talking Traffic podcast will be up.  What does this mean? 

  • Most of the traffic- and transportation-themed postings at The Evil Eyebrow will now be posted here instead (possibly crossposted back to The Eyebrow).
  • This blog/podcast will be undergoing tweaking for thematic purposes, and suggestions are appreciated.  I realize that the format is a bit plain at the moment.
  • I intend this to be a twice monthly podcast, but you know how things go with respect to time.  Perhaps they will come faster, maybe slower.
  • Any suggestions that people have regarding topics are also greatly appreciated.  I happen to know what I like to discuss, but I’m an industry insider and may not have the best grasp on what somebody looking in from outside would be fascinated by.

Please alert me if you find anything on the site that is broken or confusing.  I hope you enjoy the podcasts!

Crossposted to The Evil Eyebrow

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